What is foodiesfriends


FoodiesFriends was born of the friendship between a group of diverse individuals and their commitment to good food. It is the result of many meetings accompanied by endless talks and the pleasure of sharing culinary secrets, from which the desire to discover new culinary horizons, and especially to know its history and the people that made it possible emerged. And then we decided to tell it to all those the “word of mouth” and who love the adventure of knowing old or new restaurants, tapas, dishes, drinks, or places that stand out for their uniqueness and charm, those we always recommend to our friends.

The real protagonists of our guides are the chefs and their creations. We travel throughout Spain so that readers may find in foodiesfriends those special spots where you would like to eat, and we convince them to share with us their “magic formulas” for food elaboration. This is our goal: to research, find and show you and of course enjoy with the intimate bond created with all those enjoying and loving the taste, that aroma and the colours of good food.